Monday, December 15, 2008

Boxes are so much fun!

Despite having a pile of toys behind him at Grandmas, Stratton loves playing with any box that he can get even half way into.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hanging the Tree

So after putting up a tree in the gallery Amy really wanted one at the condo so since we were both tired of hanging ornaments we decided to have Stratton do this tree- and he did a great job. Ok, he hung one ornament but it was the best one on the tree, then he took it off an re-hung it for the next hour.

A shaved head for Christmas

So, due to thinning hair i thought it would be a great idea to see how the Jason Statham looked on me- I was picturing "Handsome Rob" but forgot that he is in shape- So all I got was the white supremacist look, which isn't as popular in Phoenix as it was in Idaho- northern Idaho

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tagged! Crazy 8s

Shows I watch:

  1. 30 Rock
  2. The Office
  3. Survivor
  4. Lost
  5. Friends re-runs
  6. Jeopardy
  7. Veggie Tales
  8. Price is Right

Favorite Restaurants:

  1. Tandoori Grill (best Indian food ever)
  2. Flos’s Chinese
  3. Johnny Carinos Italian
  4. any pizza place!
  5. Mimi’s Café
  6. Café Sabor
  7. Gringos-2 years as a waitress and I still crave it
  8. any French creperie

Things that Happened Yesterday:

  1. 6:45 am meetings
  2. Church
  3. Stratton’s trial run of nursery (it was harder on me than him)
  4. Sunday Football nap
  5. Walk at the park
  6. ate frozen pizza
  7. Watched Disney’s “Cars”
  8. fell asleep, hear a noise, made Matt search the entire apartment for bad guys (this is a regular occurrence)

Things I look Forward To:

  1. Emily, Nate, and Samuel coming to Thanksgiving!!
  2. Buying a house
  3. The Holidays
  4. More babies (someday)
  5. Matt selling more paintings
  6. 3rd Wedding Anniversary
  7. New Year’s Eve Party at our house (if you read this you’re invited!)
  8. Emily and Melvin’s babies this spring

Things on my Wish List:

  1. A White Christmas
  2. A gallery in Jackson
  3. Be with family for the Holidays
  4. Trip to Matt’s mission in Madagascar
  5. An Idaho garden that would grow in Arizona, minus the weeds and animal fertilizer
  6. A washer and dryer, so tired of the laundry mat
  7. Star in a romantic film with Steve Buscemi-what a hunk…
  8. To be a famous gun-fighter

8 People I tag:

  1. Liz S.
  2. Stephanie S.
  3. Diana D.
  4. Nikki W.
  5. Aubrey C.
  6. Jess K.
  7. Amber H.
  8. Christina M.

No pressure ladies, I’ll be the first to admit I’m terrible at doing “Tags”…

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Nothing like takin candy from a baby.

Halloween night we went and "Trunk or Treated" with the ward. This photo was meant to have us in character, Amy and I were close but Stratton nailed the dead baby pirate perfectly. Next time it will be Blue Steel. Actually, the bullet hole is what happens when you leave you baby unattended at a ward activity...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just Kidding

This is my favorite SNL cast member. Her name is Kristen Wiig and everything she does is just hilarious. Everyone should check her out.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Family Reunion in Idaho

Our Barnes Family Reunion was over Labor Day weekend. For the last couple of years we have camped at this amazing secret spot that Nate showed us (but we wont tell anyone else, promise). It's tucked up in the forest against this beautiful little river. After a summer in Arizona we were ready for some cool weather and pine trees. It was however, freezing. Especially to us Arizonians. The first day was really nice, but then it rained, blew, and froze us. We did still have enough nice weather to participate in family Olympics, huckleberry picking, four-wheeler rides, and plenty of games. Speaking of Olympics, I am proud to say that the Matt Sievers family walked away with 3 gold medals. It was a great camping trip, thanks Melissa for all of you hard work. And I'm sorry I underestimated the fun of a mini-golf course through the woods...

It was impossible to keep the boys clean, this was the only time they wanted to sit in chairs rather that dig in the dirt and chew on sticks.

One of the Olympic events was a boat race. Our family boat could only be made from natural materials. I think we did allow paper for sails, but even a paper plate sail couldn't make Nate's boat fast enough to keep up with Matt's. Gold for Sievers.

Ahhh. The highlight of the weekend. Nate was riding in the Mule (this crazy off-road vehicle) and when he turned to say something to Emily a wasp flew into his mouth and stung his lip over and over. The first night it was just his lip, but the next day his whole face was swollen up. He was a really good sport about it even though the mass amounts of Benedryl made him sort of loopy. Sorry Nate, but thanks for putting up with the 3 days of laughing at your swollen, misshapen face.

At first Stratton was afraid of the four-wheeler, but then he loved it (he even fell asleep on 2 rides) He would make brrmm-brrrmm sounds the whole time. And he liked to go fast!

The Fam

Stratton loved to carve with his dad.

The boys were really sad when it was time to go home.

After camping a bunch of us went to the Idaho State Fair. It was great food and fun. The boys really liked the petting zoo. The goats probably did not.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Trouble Maker

Now that Stratton is fully mobile, I can't seem to keep track of or clean up after him fast enough. A girl in my ward just asked my if I'd be willing to day-care her 2 year old and 4 month old. If I decide to do it, I think I'll be pretty much covered as far as birth control goes.

This morning he let himself outside.

Already a movie buff. This drawer of dvds is his favorite to unpack. He hits it up 2 or 3 times a day.

A perfect Strat-sized cupboard. Every day or so he empties this cupboard.

I'm still not sure how I got him out.

Stratton was so proud of this trick that he gave himself a round of applause.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Family, Friends, Weddings, and Lots of Driving! (A super long title for a super long post)

Ok, here's the promised pictures and details of our latest travels. Stratton and I left with Emily, Nate, and Samuel the 3rd week in July. We drove through New Mexico and up through Colorado, Wyoming and then home to Idaho. I think it was like 25 hours of driving. Then we got to spent 2 weeks with our family. Then Strat and I flew back to Arizona for a few days, and then we (Matt came this time) drove to California for Matt's little bro Andy's wedding. It has been a crazy couple of weeks, but we have loved seening our family and friends. Next week we head back up to Idaho for family my reunion and Andy's open house. It's so great to see our family so much!

These were some amazing mountains in Colorado. I forgot how beautiful mountains are when they actually have trees and snow on them.

Strat and Samuel were so good on the drive. With only a few angry moments. This is them playing "peek-a-boo" with their blakies. You can barely see the tops of their heads poking out.

They both love books, the problems came because they mostly liked whatever book the other one had.

Stratton has been practicing his walking. He took his first steps in AZ with Matt right before we left. In Idaho with so much help form aunts, uncles, and grandparents he is really mastering his staggering walk.

He loved playing on the 4 wheeler with Grandpa Barnes.

He did ok on the motor bike at first, vibrating his lips making engine noises. But then he kind of freaked out and they had to cut the ride short...he's sort of a chicken pants.

Great-Grandma Barnes shared some raspberry cobbler with Strat, he loved it!

Great-Grandpa Barnes helping Stratton get around.

We got to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Sievers

Stratton practiced up on this Rock Band drummer skills.

I love this picture. It pretty much sums up Idaho summers growing up. Hiking the Butte, canoing/floating the canal, and the changing farm fields that let you know how much summer is left.

Grandpa letting Stratton play in the puddle.

Uncle Bridger juggling the boys. Stratton loves all of his uncles. In fact, he usually prefers them to his mom.

I was able to go to one of my best friends from high school's wedding. It was so great to be in the temple with so many of my old friends! I think that's what heaven will be like. We'll just look around and see all of these familiar faces and people that we know and love but haven't seen in a while. Anyways, she was beautiful and her husband is a really great guy. Good luck Marc and Diana!

Some of my best friends from high school. All grown up now and making babies.

Stratton loves wedding cake.

This was last weekend in California for Andy and Lorin's wedding. I had never been to the L.A. temple before. It was amazing! Lorin look so gorgeous! And Andy even managed to look pretty good :) The reception was at this beautiful mansion (literally a masive home on this hill). It was the most amazing reception I've ever been to. With fabulous food and decorations. It made me really want to get married again. And own a mansion. We were able to see our newest niece, Penelope. She and Aubrey flew out from New York for the wedding. It was a great couple of days. Welcome to the family, Lorin. You're in for a real surprise:)

By the end of the day Strat was pretty pooped. And probably sick from eating so much cake. All in all it's been a wonderful few weeks. Stratton travels really well and Matt and I have always loved long drives. Good thing because next week it's another 15 hours back to Idaho for our Barnes reunion and Andy and Lorin's open house.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Home Sick?

Stratton and I headed up to Idaho for some cooler weather and some family time. Matt had to stay behind and run the gallery :( I didn't realize how hard it would be to be away from him this long. I especailly miss his help with Stratton! But the heat in Scottsdale right now is unbearable, and one of my best friends from high school is getting married the 8th, so it was a great time to get away. So Strat and I caught a ride with Emily, Nate, and Samuel. It was a super long drive from Arizona, we stopped in Albuquerque to see Melissa and her fam, and then went through Denver to drop off some equipment for one of South's construction sites. It took us 3 days to get up here, but the drive was so beutiful and the babies did really well. I was so excited coming through Colorado and up through Jackson, the mountains were so green and amazing, some still had some snow on them! This was the longest I had ever been away from Idaho (7 months- I know it's kind of sad!) and it is great to be back for a couple of weeks. In Arizona I get really home sick for here, but up here I'm really home sick for Arizona (especailly for my husband!!). I guess it's good that it's starting to feel homey there. So, that's just an update on what's going on with us. I'll have some pics and stuff to post later...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Killer Whales and Killer Hair

We started out Stratton's 1st birthday with Stratton's favorite breakfast: pancakes. I know the "S" is backwards, but that was the pretty side (and I didn't realize until someone asked if it was a 2). After breakfast, we packed lunch and loaded up for a day at Sea World.

Stratton got his first hair cut on his birthday eve. Matt did the honors. Strat did pretty well, except that he is really ticklish, and the clippers made him cringe and shudder every time they touched his head.

Stratton's new 'do. He feels like a rocker with his little mow-hawk. This is on the way to Sea World. Stratton loves his new "big boy" car seat, and he brought his friend "Silky" to his birthday party.

Stratton loves the view from on top of Matt's shoulders. Matt claims he is developing 2 little bald spots on the sides from Strat holding on.

I haven't been to Sea World since high school, and last time there were hardly any crowds. Because of the holiday weekend, the place was packed! We had to get to each show (that was about 20 min long) about 30 min early just to get decent seats! But the weather was beautiful, and it was so much fun! I can't believe how nice 75 degrees feels after a month of 110.

I had left Stratton's hat in the car, and was worried about his little head getting sunburned. The pant-hat only lasted a few seconds...but at least the people behind us got a good laugh.

The killer whale show is always one of my favorites. During this show, they had the audience put our hands together interlocking our thumbs, forming a whale fin. Then they had us raise and lower our arms chanting "Shamu! Shamu!" I got kind of creeped out, thousands of people chanting and doing the arm thing.

They did this really cool Cirque du Soleil show out on this stage area right on the coast. They had clowns, acrobats, and trapeze artists. It was so great!

Stratton finished his day off with pasta and mashed potatoes (2 of his favorites). We couldn't decide where to eat and were driving around aimlessly. We stumbled upon the same Applebees Matt and I ate at on New Years Eve on our honeymoon! It was a lot of fun...the honeymoon and Stratton's birthday :)

Cruisin' for Chicks

This was 2 weeks ago. We got so lucky, Melissa ans her fam were headed from Tucson to Albuquerque and Emily and her fam were going from Florida to San Diego. So they all stopped by here for the weekend! It was so great. All spring I prepped myself for this long, hot summer and not seeing any of my family, but things have worked out several times for me to be able to see some of them. It's been such a great blessing, and prevented my going crazy and running away to Idaho. This picture was taken at the grocery store in one of those cute little carts. People always tell me how much Stratton looks like my bro Bridger, but it wasn't until I looked at Strat's hair in this pic that I realized they're right :) Also, it's the first good picture I have of Stratton's first 2 teeth. They sprouted up 2 months ago.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Few Tidbits on Stratton

In Idaho there are some Grandparents who are very lonely for Stratton. (We are VERY lonely for them too!) So I thought I post a few things about his latest quirks and doings.

This requires some explaining. I have a very flighty/queasy stomach. Roller coasters, bridge jumping, even the swings are all part of love/hate relationships. It took years of coaching by my dad to learn that if I would not hold my breath during these activities then I wouldn't get that horrible falling stomach feeling. Apparently I passed this girly quality on to Strat. All of the other babies at the park love the swings. I was so excited to let Stratton try it out. Here he is: breath held, right before he started dry heaving. Poor little guy, scared his pants off.

Stratton loved pushing Jaxon around in this stroller. But then he tried to put Jaxon in a dress and wig and we had to draw the line.

Sometimes he thinks my jokes are lame.

He is a very messy eater.

He loves the shower. And crazy shower hair.

His new favorite toy is this lid. He rubs is back and forth across the tile as fast as he can. The product is this deafening make-you-cringe-all-over sound.