Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby Boy

So, it's about time that I officially announced this to our blog pals. We are expecting our 2nd son May 11th. We waited a while before really telling anyone because we sort of had a hard time getting this far along. We had a pretty disappointing round of miscarriages before we got to this point, and we really appreciate the prayers and kindness from those who went through it with us. I never thought I'd be so happy to have little baby kicks and punches keeping me up at night! So everything looks great and we're so excited to have another little boy join our family! Our scanner is broken, or I would post some beautiful ultrasound pics...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas in Idaho, New Years in Mexico

We went to Rocky Point Mexico with Andy and Lauren for New Years and had a blast. The weather was beautiful, especially having come from nasty cold Idaho. It was a great way to wind down from a busy December. Looks like I ate a few too many tacos...or I could be 5 months pregnant (and eating too many tacos).

Stratton loved to push his bucket upside-down into the wet sand. Little air and water bubbles would gurgle out from the edges and Strat would laugh hysterically saying "Stinky bucket!"

Christmas morning at Emily and Nate's. What a good-looking couple of boys (Matt and Strat, not Em and Nate). The Holidays were so much fun. We hired someone to help out at the gallery and were able to be in Idaho Thanksgiving through Christmas. Matt and his dad went to Chicago and NYC for a couple of weeks to do art shows and everything went really well. We were so thankful to spend so much time with our family enjoying the Christmas season.