Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just Kidding

This is my favorite SNL cast member. Her name is Kristen Wiig and everything she does is just hilarious. Everyone should check her out.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Family Reunion in Idaho

Our Barnes Family Reunion was over Labor Day weekend. For the last couple of years we have camped at this amazing secret spot that Nate showed us (but we wont tell anyone else, promise). It's tucked up in the forest against this beautiful little river. After a summer in Arizona we were ready for some cool weather and pine trees. It was however, freezing. Especially to us Arizonians. The first day was really nice, but then it rained, blew, and froze us. We did still have enough nice weather to participate in family Olympics, huckleberry picking, four-wheeler rides, and plenty of games. Speaking of Olympics, I am proud to say that the Matt Sievers family walked away with 3 gold medals. It was a great camping trip, thanks Melissa for all of you hard work. And I'm sorry I underestimated the fun of a mini-golf course through the woods...

It was impossible to keep the boys clean, this was the only time they wanted to sit in chairs rather that dig in the dirt and chew on sticks.

One of the Olympic events was a boat race. Our family boat could only be made from natural materials. I think we did allow paper for sails, but even a paper plate sail couldn't make Nate's boat fast enough to keep up with Matt's. Gold for Sievers.

Ahhh. The highlight of the weekend. Nate was riding in the Mule (this crazy off-road vehicle) and when he turned to say something to Emily a wasp flew into his mouth and stung his lip over and over. The first night it was just his lip, but the next day his whole face was swollen up. He was a really good sport about it even though the mass amounts of Benedryl made him sort of loopy. Sorry Nate, but thanks for putting up with the 3 days of laughing at your swollen, misshapen face.

At first Stratton was afraid of the four-wheeler, but then he loved it (he even fell asleep on 2 rides) He would make brrmm-brrrmm sounds the whole time. And he liked to go fast!

The Fam

Stratton loved to carve with his dad.

The boys were really sad when it was time to go home.

After camping a bunch of us went to the Idaho State Fair. It was great food and fun. The boys really liked the petting zoo. The goats probably did not.