Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Goodness

Stratton liked having green hair

He did not like having egg hair. Neither did Matt.

We had Easter dinner with Matt's parents and fam last week, that left us on our own for real Easter. We have 9:00 church so amid the usual frantic try-to-get-to-church-on-time hustle, Matt didn't even notice the Easter "baskets" I had put together. Mostly it was a little candy, some granola bars, baby treats, and paper grass stuffed into Tupperware bowls. So I pointed out the goodness and we hurried to church. When we got home, the boys played with their treats while I got dinner ready. We decided to still do a big yummy dinner so I made ham, scalloped potatoes, and rolls. It was a really warm day and we were able to eat out on the patio, it was great. Then we went for a walk at the park. There were so many big groups of people having picnics and BBQs at the park. Seriously, probably hundreds, the park was packed. It was a fabulous day outside, and I decided that as long as we have Easter in Arizona, we will be having picnics instead of cooking hot food inside. Plus, then there's less clean-up (which Matt did anyway...) The only problem at the park was that all the families were having Easter egg hunts and every egg we passed, it was all I could do to hold Matt back. But it was a great day-especially after we took the eggs out of Stratton's hair.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Water Boy

Stratton loves being in water. He loves baths and especially the pool. He would be content to soak all day. Obviously this is not possible. Until, I discovered how perfectly he fits in the bathroom sink. Now he gets to soak and I actually get to do my hair and make-up. Everyone's happy, especially Matt.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Sad Addiction

A few weeks ago, we were over at the Carters, and Stratton started to get a pretty bad itch for his pacifier. Unfortunately, we had forgot to bring one...I was trying to get him changed and he was putting up a big fight (which is why he is not dressed in the pic). Aubrey came to the rescue with one of Addie's pacifiers and with a trembling little hand, Stratton put the pink paci into his mouth. I think this might be a pretty hard habit to break...