Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Yearly Update

Halloween was such a blast. Matt was the Riddler and I went as Catwoman with the boys as Batman and Robin. We for-real trick-or-treated (no more of this lame-o walk around a parking lot trunk-or-treat stuff). The boys had such a great time with their cousins, and it didn't snow-which is pretty much an Idaho Halloween miracle.

I sent Matt out for sugar one day and he brought home this puppy (and the sugar). Stratton named him "Buster" which sometimes he pronounces "Busterd".

We managed to get in a few camping trips with the fam this summer. Our favorite was a trip to Bear Lake with Matt's family. This pic was taken in Island Park where Jude got eaten by so many mosquitoes his face was all swollen and pimple-y looking by the end of the weekend.