Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Late Spring/Early Summer Post

 Emily and Nate visited us in AZ in early March 
(we haven't seen them since and we miss them SOOO much!)

Melissa and Tyler also made it down to AZ while we were there and we had an awesome time.  Except for when Stratton had to climb the tree at the zoo for this photo.
Phoenix Children's Museum.  These forts were made out of giant jeans and 50 gal barrels.

Jude turned 2!

Camping in June, Stratton caught his first fish, but asked his cousin Jason to hold it for the picture

We are so happy to be home and love getting to spend time with our family camping and having fun!

I haven't uploaded pictures off my camera since the end of June, but I promise to post more soon (that's for you, Emily!)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

AZ Snow Day

The neighborhood where we are staying put on a community "snow day". It was more like shaved ice, but they made giant piles and all the kids had a blast. Stratton tried ice-blocking for his first time and loved it. I over-dressed my boys (it was 60 degrees) but i'm used to Idaho snow days. They were sweating while they drank their hot chocolate.