Monday, June 23, 2008

A Few Tidbits on Stratton

In Idaho there are some Grandparents who are very lonely for Stratton. (We are VERY lonely for them too!) So I thought I post a few things about his latest quirks and doings.

This requires some explaining. I have a very flighty/queasy stomach. Roller coasters, bridge jumping, even the swings are all part of love/hate relationships. It took years of coaching by my dad to learn that if I would not hold my breath during these activities then I wouldn't get that horrible falling stomach feeling. Apparently I passed this girly quality on to Strat. All of the other babies at the park love the swings. I was so excited to let Stratton try it out. Here he is: breath held, right before he started dry heaving. Poor little guy, scared his pants off.

Stratton loved pushing Jaxon around in this stroller. But then he tried to put Jaxon in a dress and wig and we had to draw the line.

Sometimes he thinks my jokes are lame.

He is a very messy eater.

He loves the shower. And crazy shower hair.

His new favorite toy is this lid. He rubs is back and forth across the tile as fast as he can. The product is this deafening make-you-cringe-all-over sound.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Father's Day Matt!

I just wanted to make a special post for Matt since this is his first Father's Day as a father. Matt is an amazing Dad. Stratton loves to wrestle and play rough with him. Everyday when Matt gets home from work, Stratton gets so excited. He loves to crawl around while Matt crawls behind him growling and chasing him. Matt also gives great shoulder rides. Strat likes to grab on to Matt's hair with both hands and then bounce. They're so cute when they play, they squeal and giggle. It's like I have two little boys, at least Matt's mostly potty-trained :) It's so fun for me to watch Stratton give the same looks that Matt does, I just can't believe how he's becoming more and more like his dad. He already charms the ladies, too. Matt always helps out with diapers and feeding, even after a long day at the gallery. He works so hard for our family and to support Stratton's expensive Teddy Grahm addiction. I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful husband who is a perfect dad for my little boy. So, Happy Father's Day Honey. I love you!

Minutes after Strat was born. A proud Daddy!

This was on our trip through Nauvoo. It was really windy and we wre trying to protect Stratton's ears, not join a Harley gang.

Last year's Barnes fam reunion. Strat's first camping trip.

My boys love to nap.

Christmas morning

My boys

Matt teaching him all the secrets of becoming an artist.

Stratton's first trip down a slide.